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If you have an interest in taking your trading to the next level then it would be extremely prudent and in fact paramount to acquire the proper education from the best source available.
When searching the internet for 'FX trading courses' you will find a plethora of online academies, FX tutors as well as thousands of YouTube videos and tutorials. This can be especially daunting and therefore can become very overwhelming especially to a beginner.
Unfortunately the internet is riddled with a LOT of scam artists and charlatans looking to just take your money with get rich quick scams.
As with anything in life, when you are looking to become an expert in a particular field, the BEST plan of action is to select the greatest mentor possible from a reputable   background and proven track record within their field.
To illustrate this point further, if I had any resources available at my finger tips and I was looking to become a bodybuilder, my first choice would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. If I was looking to become a world class chef and I could choose anyone, I might choose Wolfgang Puck. Well the same applies for trading. If I was to search for the best mentor possible I would choose a professional from the top trading floor in the world. In this case it would be Goldman Sachs. I would then select the best trader from Goldman Sachs with a proven track record. In this real life example the person I am talking about is Anton Kreil.
Anton is a multi-millionaire professional trader formerly of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan European Trading Desks. He is widely recognized as one of the best traders of our generation globally.
Anton managed proprietary trading books of up to $500mln within Investment Banks and retired at the age of 28 in May 2007 just before the Global Financial Crisis.
Anton also starred in the BBC series Million Dollar Traders in 2009 and in response to the thousands of messages he got from around the world asking him to teach trading, he began teaching and Mentoring Retail Traders in 2011 through the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.
After teaching thousands of students live at weekend seminars globally in his spare time and perfecting his teaching methods, Anton launched the PTFM Video Series
online so that anyone globally can get access to his education. The PTFM Video Series is designed to help Retail FOREX Traders globally, so they can emulate the strategies of Professional Traders at Investment Banks and Hedge Funds in their own Retail Brokerage Accounts. This approach is designed to foster consistent profitability over the Long Term.
The PFTM Video Series includes 29 videos, spreadsheets and PDFs applicable.
Here is the good news. For anyone who is serious about becoming a professional FOREX trader or just wants to trade their own money like a professional, Mason Dean Capital offers the course at a 10% discount. Not only that but once you start trading with Mason Dean, you will receive rebates every month until it covers 100% of the course! This ultimately means that so long as you keep trading the course price is FREE!
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Invest in yourself. Learn to trade like a professional today!

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